LDMD 3.0

Linear Digital Measuring Devices (LDMD) For Measuring long length parts and components up to 105" in an industrial/shop environment.

Linear Digital Measuring Device

Long Travel Caliper Style Measuring Device. Measure up to 110" with accuracy of .005" over full travel.
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Precision Gauging Mobile Systems

Easily Roll your LDMD 3.0 to the Work Area. Mount your Long Travel Measuring Device to APG's Rolling or Fixed Gauging Tables for your convenience. Choose Milled Aluminum or Sheet Metal options to create a Mobile Measuring System

Transportable Measuring Device to 110"

The LDMD 3.0 was designed to fit standard 40 mm x 80 mm aluminum profile extrusion. This allows the LDMD to be precisely mounted to a rigid member and is used to build Gauging Tables as well be mounted inside a machine for in process inspection.
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Tooling Options

End plates, contact paddles and carriages can be reversed for quick adaptation or create your own Custom Tooling

Adaptive Tooling

The LDMD 3.0 comes with Adaptive Tooling for your specific needs. AP Gauge offers standard or custom tooling to make your measuring task exacting.
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AP Gauge's LDMD 3.0 is all new and built for the shop floor

The LDMD 3.0 is the third in a line of Linear Digital Measuring Devices and offers the most current attributes Including Lightweight, Robust, Battery Operated and Adaptable to your measuring needs. Sizes include the 48″ Measurable  Handheld Unit and a Mounted unit which Measures to 105″

Features include:

  • Large 10 mm LCD digital Display
  • Inch or Metric Operation changeable on the fly
  • Absolute or Incremental modes
  • Programmable Display to include Offset functions, Reference creation, Sleep timers
  • System accuracy within .005″ of nominal over full travel as inspected and verified via Laser Interferometer with reports included for error compensation.
  • AAA battery operated and user replaceable with simple screw driver
  • Ultra smooth Actuator style Motion with preloaded bearings and ceramic shafting for maintenance free operation
  • Carriage and End Plates offer Precision Locating Pins for Easy Tool Adaptation to fit your specific needs
  • No loss of memory during battery change or long periods of sleep.
  • 48″ at 12 lbs. and 70″ versions at 15 lbs. are Hand Held while Table mounted units measure 110″ 
  • IP 54 Rated at the scale, IP 67 rated read head, IP 40 Rated Digital Display

American Precision Gauge, LLC

American Precision Gauge has developed a low cost, accurate solution for those longer travel measuring challenges found in manufacturing. Using Quasi-Absolute encoding technology, found in machine tools, combined with a Correlation system utilizing a Laser Interferometer to provide the most accurate, low cost reliable measuring device available.


Our mission at American Precision Gauge, LLC is to create the most user friendly, reliable, accurate and cost effective linear Digital Measuring Devices available. Our specialty will be in accurately measuring longer length parts on the factory floor by drawing from our years of experience in automation, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.
Thomas Corey
Founder and Managing Member
Throw away that old Tape Measure or malfunctioning Digital Tape Measure and step into Linear Digital Measuring. Accuracy to within .005" of nominal over the full travel length, repeatable to .001". Hand held version measure 50" with Table Mounted units to 105". Hand Held units are easily carried to the work site while Table mounts roll to the work piece. Robust design, lightweight, accurate, smooth precise movement all while being designed for an industrial application. Call AP Gauge and order your LDMD 3.0 now 714-485-2365


We’re completely confident in our devices. So confident that we warrant our measuring and gauging equipment to be free from defects in material or workmanship for 1 year. Click here for details.



Robust custom aluminium extrusion design reduces weight allowing for the unit to be easily moved around to meet any measurement needs. The programmable LCD low voltage digital display offers both inch and metric capability, as well as absolute and incremental functionality. The display carriage rides on ceramic coated precision ground shafting supporting preloaded and replacable Igus slide bearings making for an ultra-smooth and distortion free operation.


The LDMD 3.0 lends itself to Tooling adaptation through precision mounting pins and precision milled surfaces and edges on carriages and end plates. All to allow users to adapt and create tooling to meet specific needs. Use the LCD Displays program-ability to create special offsets and reference points zero resets, absolute or incremental outputs.  


Our commitment to customer satisfaction is why our customers continually come back to us for their measuring and gauging needs. Our unparalleled support is geared for your success.

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